Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did you win?

Yay! for those of you who played!! These are the winners:

In first place, Dani McCulley- I will try to come up with something sexy for you. Maybe a cookie thong, but that might hurt. Maybe some pasties made from Fruit by the Foot. I'll have to think about it.

In second place, Stacy Quader- Stacy, I will try to come up with something Arizona-ish for you. Do you use pasties? hahahahaha

In third place, Sarah. Sarah, I don't know your last name. Sad. Oh well, I know you like pirates. Maybe I will draw a picture of my favorite pirate for you Will Turner! Hmm. Have to think about it. Maybe I'll sing you a pirate's life for me and record it. Ooo that would be cool! I have an amazing voice! Just ask Dani!

In fourth place, Jenny Panameno- Jenny, I'm not sure what to make you. Maybe a freezer meal, I know you like to read, maybe I can write you a poem. I'll probably have to sleep on it!

In fifth place, my old neighbor, Melanie Cane- Melanie, maybe I should make you some sunscreen. That way your poor baby won't get any more sunburns (if you remember to put it on him for goodness sakes) JK!

I'm excited to start working on your projects! You might get pasties, an edible thong, some homemade sunscreen, a poem, I'm not sure. But thanks so much for playing ladies!
Don't worry if you didn't get to play. You can still comment on Sarah's (last time I checked) click her name and you can comment on hers...OR just start one yourself. It's fun to pay it forward! I've already won twice! I hope to win some more!!


Our Family said...


You can MAKE sunscreen? That would be AWESOME! If you put it in a cute container, I'd TOTALLY remember to put it on him. This will be great, now I can blame you for every future sunburn until I get your sunscreen, doesn't it work that way?? :)

This will be so fun!!

Shannon said...

YAY! I can go back to commenting! :) This is a FABULOUS idea! But... I just don't love "crafty" stuff, especially if I'm planning on giving it away! Maybe when you make those pasties you can post a tutorial! LOL! Mike might like that! ;)

Quader's said...

Well if you saw any of the secret pictures from my Maui, HI trip you would know I am game for just about anything and when Def Leopard comes on especially 'pour some sugar on me' or 'rock on' :) Bring on the pasties baby!!!

McCulley's said...

No edible pasties K that causes injuries!