Sunday, April 5, 2009

10 Songs I could live WITHOUT!

You know the songs that come on the radio, and you immediately change the station? The songs you would never have on your play list? Well, those are the songs I'm talking about today! Feel free to participate on your blog (or my comments) if you would like! :)

1. Karma Chameleon by Culture Club
All I can say is "gag me with a spoon!"

2. Get Over It by the Eagles
They should have stuck to the classics for their reunion album Hell Freezes Over.

3. The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range
I'm not sure what it is about the song that I don't like. Everything?

4. Roxanne by The Police
He sounds like he's going to hurl when he says "Rrrrrooooxannne". And how many times does he need to tell us that she doesn't have to put on the red light?

5. I Hope You Dance by Leanne Womak
Every time this comes on the radio, I think "Oh, Dolly Parton must have a new song". Then I wonder "what is a Dolly song doing on this radio station?" Then I realize, "Oh! It's THAT song". Ooo. I shudder to think about it!

6. Doctor Doctor by the Thompson Twins
In my opinion, the song has NOT aged well. Not good. Very Very not good!

7. 12 Days of Christmas
I don't even think I liked this in elementary school. I remember hating to remember all the dumb things I've already sung. Plus the song keeps going and going and going and....

8. Bubbly by Colbie Callet
I bought the CD just for that song. I really liked the tone of her voice and the laid back feeling it had. It was great! THEN the radio got a hold of it. And played the heck out of it. Now, I can't bare to listen to it! Yuck!

9. The Remedy by Jason Mraz
For one thing, I can't understand it. The other thing...he breathes WAY too much! It sounds like he's saying ah in between each word! I ah can't ah stand ah that ah song ah! Drives me crazy!

10. Piano Man by Billy Joel
not necessarily an awful song, but it reminds me of growing up. I remember my mom loved that song! Probably why I don't like it!


Nene said...

I likey the list!

Quader's said...

I agree about LeAnn Womack I hope you dance. Very soft melody and a bit to opera for me with too many long notes in it. Roxanne by the Police ugh, I hear that one way to much. Most Martina McBride songs make me change the channel (sorry sister I know you like her) Something about the long notes to pera and a bit gag me with a spoon message. :) Chasing Cars by hmmm can't think of who right now makes me want to run them over with my car. :) Ha and me dear old hubby just came in from outside singing She's a maniac, maniac on the floor. Okay so old I just de-aged 15 years :)

Shannon said...

I agree with all - EXCEPT I hope you DANCE!!! I just cry every time I hear that song.... reminds me so much of Xaria!!! :)

Shill and Company said...

Okay, at first I thought that this list was about the songs that you COULDN'T live without and I was thinking come on Brandi? I thought I knew you better than this.