Monday, February 22, 2010

Someone had a birthday!

Notice anything different? Earrings! Super finally decided she was ready and brave enough to get her ears pierced.

That's right! Supe's another year older. She's been with us now for over 3300 days and we're all still alive to tell about it! hahaha

Supe is still very much enjoying rock band, only she's moved from totally digging the drums, to being quite the performer when she's the singer! I should note that she still loves drums, but she just mixes it up now!

She's loving her new school! One of her favorite things is being there with her cousins! She also loves her teacher and doing math (she doesn't get that from me!)

Supa-Dupe (another nick name we have for her) loves to spend time in alone in her room- typically with the door shut. She always has, really. She loves to color and do art projects, listen to music, play school, read, do puzzles, and watch movies on her DVD player.

Her favorite store is Bath and Body Works. In fact, she spent a good portion of her birthday money there! It cracks me up!

Her favorite colors are hot pink and lime green.

She still does not like to eat anything that grows; lettuce, spinach, peas, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, green beans, beats, cauliflower, potatoes, and the list goes on and on. Occasionally, she'll eat an apple if it's doused in caramel, or a few grapes, or some mandarin oranges, but that's about it. She is 80% carnivore! The other 20% consists of grains and milk products.

She detests mornings and and loathes leaving the house for anything other than school.
Above are some of the highlights of her birthday gifts.
Happy birthday baby girl!
Today's song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun



Evette Mendisabal said...

Happy Birthday to her! She looks like a miniature you Brandi!

Nene said...

Happy Birthday Supa-Dupe! You know you totally want to invite me over to play Just Dance, right? :)

Lauren Letters said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPE! You are getting too old! ;)

McCulley's said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! How exciting. She is such a cutie tornado loves zhuzhu pets

Shill and Company said...

Oh how I love that girl! She is such a gentle soul, with a great personality. I enjoyed reading about what she is into these days. Great post about a fantastic girl!

Anonymous said...