Friday, January 15, 2010

All that Jazz!

Last week, Jason's work gave him 4 tickets to the autograph party for the Utah Jazz 100 club. Thankfully, Sue didn't have to work so Jason could have a daddy-daughter date night with all his girls!
Tuesday, was the autograph party. The girls were so excited. Jason was too (of course, he's the REAL Jazz fan in the house) Anyway, they were able to go and get the autographs of the coaches and all of the players except for 2. Loo is in love with Kyle Korver . He went to grab the ball from her and accidently dropped it in guacamole. When she got home, she showed me her ball and the spot from the guacamole and said "It's OK Mom. Now I'm memorable!" Too funny!
song: All That Jazz


Lauren Letters said...

Haha, you know how I'm always complaining how Lexie is WAYYY taller than I am and how I feel so short? Well, I guess I should probably stop complaining now!

Shill and Company said...

Okay, hands down, that is the most incredibly cool daddy daughter date of all time!