Sunday, May 25, 2008

If you give Jason and Brandi a project....

So a couple of weeks ago, Jason and I started another "If you give a mouse a cookie" project. You know the story of the book don't you... First, you give the mouse a cookie, and when you give him the cookie, he realizes he thirsty, when you open the fridge, he decides he wants to color, and so on and so on. Well, that's about how a project works in our house!
First, I couldn't sleep! I began waking up at 5 in the morning- every morning because the sun was shining in and making me think it was time to get up! (not good when you're not a morning person)

Then, I decided we needed some of that window film that blocks out the light.

But, when we went to price it was going to be pretty expensive, so we decided to get new curtains instead. (do you see where this is going?)

We couldn't get new curtains yet though, because we didn't have new bedding to match the curtains.

So, we went on the hunt for new bedding. We looked and looked and looked and looked, and (anyone who knows me well, knows patience is not my forte!) So by 5 or 6 stores and websites I was done! I just wanted to find it and buy it and I didn't care how much it was.

We went on an outing to pick up the bedding I had seen online! We went to Costco first, because that's where we found our last bedding and it was really pretty and nice quality for not much moola! Jason found the bedding he was in love with! was $29 for bedspread, pillow shams and skirt! I must agree that was a great deal, I just wasn't in love with it like he was.

So, I thought, if I had some fancy pillows I might like it more. I won't bore you with pillow-hunt details, but we found a bunch that match perfectly, and now I love my bedding!

Finally we bought the curtains, curtain rods and tie backs, and now we are into the project for at least $300.00 more than the window film would have been! Oh well, what can you do?

And last, but not least, we bought a bed! We decided after being married for 12 years, it was time we had a headboard and foot board!

Project complete!


Cindy said...

Love it!!

Amanda said...

It love it!! I need to hire you two to come do my house!

Panamenos said...

this sounds like how projects/shopping go with my husband. (that's why i try not to shop with him very often.) :)

your bed set looks beautiful.

my girls can't wait for preschool on Tuesday. Ella has been telling everyone she knows that she's going to preschool.

Shill and Company said...

It turned out so beautiful. So elegant but yet comfortable and inviting. Bravo guys!